print and web

Dein Weg life coach – Branding with multiple logo & webdesign

Delta Chemie business for cleaning supplies – Cover for price catalogue

Loosebag bags manifactured in Vienna – Handlettering logo

Maria Anne physiotherapist – Branding, business cards

Urban Prints Startup – Logo for Social Media & Product

Ice cream shop Berry – Logo, branding, menu, flyers, shopdesign

Students' Innovation Centre Boku Vienna  Two final logo drafts

Aargauer Klangkonzerte acoustic concerts in Swizzerland – Flyer

Forum Kritischer Jurist*innen student organisation – Poster series (3), Banner

Die Umkleide fashion label – Branding, editorial, packaging

ST-HA Wohnbau Information flyer for new housing projects

Werklwochen children adventure weeks – Webdesign


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